bor2015-web-deerBest of Regina’s 13th season is LIVE and you can and should nominate your favourite Regina people, places, pets, stores and services NOW.

“But why, Steve? Whyyyyyyyyyy?” you might ask.

Well. Because:

BEST OF REGINA MAKES REGINA BEST-ER! Internet popularity contests are scientifically proven to nurture social and business excellence. I’d link to the data but it’s kind of technical. Just trust me on this.

BEST OF REGINA IS COMPREHENSIVE! With 167 categories (assuming we didn’t miscount) you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a topic or 20 you’re interested in and already have an opinion on!

BEST OF REGINA SUPPORTS LOCAL PEOPLE AND BUSINESS! Do you like unique, locally owned Regina stores? Great! Us too! This is our chance to prove it by nominating our favourite shops in a high-profile social media event! Totally free publicity for your fave businesses! You can also give some love to hard-working teachers, volunteers, medical professionals and other heroes of civilization! Eveyone who wins gets a neat achievement to put on a resume and a cool plaque to frame and hang on a wall.

BEST OF REGINA IS PRO-DOG! This year’s categories include “Best Dog”. Everybody loves dogs! And we’ll do a write-up on the winner and (probably) put its picture in the paper. Puppyyyy!

IF YOU DON’T NOMINATE YOUR FAVOURITE THINGS, WHO WILL? No, seriously: if something  doesn’t get nominated it won’t be on the final ballot. So it you love something, you gotta nominate it by Monday, Sept. 21.That’s less than three weeks away. Don’t dawdle!

BEST OF REGINA  IS PRO-SUPERNATURAL! We’ve added the new category Best Ghost (Yes An Actual Ghost). You’re not prejudiced against dead people are you? I would hope Prairie Dog readers are tolerant of our non-corporeal fellow citizens!

BEST OF REGINA IS IN YOUR OWN DAMN SELF-INTEREST! Every year, one lucky Best Of Regina winner scores a sweet prize package. This year’s will be worth $1,000 in gift certificates to some of Regina’s best shops and restaurants. Since there’s no entry fee to play in best of Regina, filling out a ballot* is like finding a free lottery ticket. But there’s better odds of winning.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, BEST OF REGINA  IS FUN! Best Of Regina is an easy-to-do online thingy that will kill 15 minutes of your workday. Do it!

So there you have it: a bunch of reasons to vote in Prairie Dog’s Best Of Regina reader’s poll. I hope you found them as compelling to read as I did to write. Now go check it out!

*You have to nominate/vote for someone/something in at least 20 categories to be eligible. Twenty? That’s easy! You can do that.