Dog Blog Sticky Post: The Holidays Are Here. What Would You Rather Be Doing?

Grumpy Steve
So busy! So grumpy!

It’s Sunday, Dec. 14. I’m in the office, working. The next issue of Prairie Dog goes to press on Friday, Dec. 19, at 5 p.m. We have five working days to put it together. So here I am in the office on a Sunday afternoon and evening, working on the upcoming edition.

Bleah. I’d rather be at the pub. Or at a movie, or playing board games, or hanging out with friends or pets.

The so-called “holidays” are a busy time for lots of people. Too busy. I bet some of you are busy and grumpy, too.

What would YOU rather be doing that whatever it is you have to do right now?

This was a “sticky post” that¬†stayed at the top of Dog Blog until Thursday, Dec. 17¬†Friday, Dec. 18, so everyone had a chance to see it and comment, whine, etc. Comments were used for the Dec. 25 Barking Dogs column.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

12 thoughts on “Dog Blog Sticky Post: The Holidays Are Here. What Would You Rather Be Doing?”

  1. Good question. I think I’d rather be doing some tyme of scientific research in the Brazilian rain forest right now, no that I do science or have ever been to South America… I guess that was never very clearly presented as option in life. Tho at least I’m not in financial services… that may be lucrative, and respectable in an ascendent, middle-class sort of way, when you ask the question, financial services literally feels like the last thing anyone should ever want to do, given a healthy host of options.

  2. Maybe I need to make New Years Resolution 2015 the Brazil 20/20 project: Re-educate myself to get to Brazil by 2020, before all the rain forest has been destroyed to enable multinational mining companies to ‘grow’ their business, and thus investment portfolios of Canada’s investing class, aka Globe & Mail readers.

  3. I’d rather be in Hawaii on my honeymoon. Or at least holed up somewhere where I can get hour-long massages and slices of fresh pineapple. I’ve got Christmas and my wedding in January to deal with, not to mention two wedding showers, Christmas parties, and multiple family gatherings to attend.

  4. If I had time on a Sunday, I’d convert Mr. Grumpy’s face into Mr. Happy Snakehead with Adobe Photoshop. My artistic skills and ability to photoshop are rather at beginner level and it’d take me all day to do it.

  5. I’d rather be taking a leisurely train trip toward Ontario, eating cardamom biscuits and watching my hubby imbibe a Fort Garry Dark beer while we play rummy . Oh wait, that’s what I’m doing. …. #hahahaha

  6. Honestly, I’m pretty happy where I’m at right now. Hubby is on vacation leave and our kids are both home for the next three weeks. We have a beautiful home, food in the fridge, and enough extra money to give each other simple gifts. But if you really must know, we’d be fine in Cuba.

  7. Honestly, I’d rather be on a beach somewhere, while a cabana boy named Julio serves me pina coladas. Instead, I’m working retail, and people this year are cranky and out of sorts. It’s hard to stay upbeat and happy, when they’re grumpy and whiny. On another note, occasionally, I have a really great customer, who’s attitude makes it all worthwhile! :D Merry Christmas!

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