It Was The Best Of Batmans …

Apparently, Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan and his screenwriter brother Jonathan told the internet that the latest Batman movie was inspired by Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities a full two weeks ago. Did I know about this before today? No! I feel like my geek credentials need to be revoked.

Well, Slate’s Forrest Wickman knew about it and has put up a post on their Brow Beat blog looking at the similarities between the two works. It’s not something you should read without having seen the movie — or if you’re still holding out hope that you’ll one day get to the Dickens classic, I guess — but it is an interesting take on the movie that puts a lot of the ideas in the film in a new light.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

One thought on “It Was The Best Of Batmans …”

  1. Just saw this movie. Very confusing to follow, lots of inconsistent plot-holes.
    Still a good movie. not the best out of the 3.

    How can Bruce Wayne live like a recluse looking frail walking around with a cane for 8 years after the Harvey Dent incident only to suddenly suit up as Batman again like it was just yesterday.

    This is more of a conclusion of Ra’s al Ghul’s mission to destroy Gotham city through Bane and one other person.

    Christian Bale was good as always.
    I didn’t find Anne Hathaway’s role as Cat Woman very fitting for her. More eye candy than anything.
    Bane’s character..nothing like the comic book version.
    I loved Marion Cotillard. Wonderful Actress.
    All the regular actors (Freeman, Caine,Oldman) were good as always.

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