Or are they just directing their cranky conservative readers to vote in our SCN survey?

Here’s the situation: our poll on the Saskatchewan government shutting down SCN is overwhelmingly tipping towards “I agree with the government”. In fact, we’ve been getting multiple votes per minute for a few hours.

I figured it’s either vandalism or a popular right-wing blog sending their flying monkeys after us. I can’t confirm vandalism–I’m no IT guy–but I can go to the only right-wing Saskatchewan blog I know and see if anything’s up.

So I did. And sure enough: the notorious anti-science, anti-government and generally  anti-social (but pro- George Bush!) Saskatchewan blog Small Dead Animals linked to our poll over the lunch hour:

Another Poll Goes Horribly Wrong

In fact, I suspect this one could go deeply, tragically wrong…

Posted by Kate at 12:32 PM| Comments (8)

Hey Kate — polls that receive tons of votes have not gone “deeply, tragically wrong”. Negative attention is the fossil fuel powering the Internet. (Of course positive attention is better because it’s renewable).

So, SDA, whether you or someone you know is running a voting script on our poll or you’ve just sent chattering gangs of libertarian baboons after us, I just want to say: thanks for the attention.

UPDATE: The poll results appear to be legit. We got a couple thousand hits from Small Dead Animals Friday. Huzzah! Thanks again for referring your chattering libertarian baboons  (CLBs) to us, Kate! CLB’s are welcome here. They might learn a thing or two (he said naively), plus their cute little jabs and critiques make us smarter.