Irony Of “Bullshit And Laziness” Line Not Lost On Anyone

I want to take all the joy I can from the last line of this piece, which ran in the Rayne Independent without a byline. If all baseball pieces could end like that.

No can do anymore. Craig Silverman, who discovered that fun bit of sports reporting on Twitter then posted it to his Regret the Error blog at Poynter, is now linking to a blog post that says the writer, Kade Seibold, has been fired.

Learn your lesson, folks — cuss your frustrations out loud and not into the Microsoft Word document, no matter how adept you are with the Backspace key. The people next door might not like hearing a “fucking idiot” or two shouted over top the episode of The Good Wife they’re trying to watch, but they’ll get over it a lot quicker.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

3 thoughts on “Irony Of “Bullshit And Laziness” Line Not Lost On Anyone”

  1. “Outfielder Sidney Fontenot,” end of sentence, following a comma.

    Sidney Fontenot…Cecily Schexnyder…Hailey Habetz…Kade Seibold… you’re not in Saskatchewan, anymore.

    Says he needs the $325 a week

    “It not fun right now,” Kade Seibold says in a phone interview one day after he was fired for his “bullshit and laziness” line. “I was writing the article and I was beginning to get frustrated because I didn’t have the proper information to write it that’s no excuse. I was wrong, but I think the punishment is very stiff.” (He correctly points out that others at the paper should have caught the passage.)

    Seibold, 32, says he told the coach yesterday that he was sorry.

    “She actually laughed at it and accepted my apology.”

    He adds: “The community isn’t upset. The high school booster club is behind me 100%. I was in the process of getting fired yesterday when someone called the newspaper office and said, ‘I want to congratulate who wrote that article because what he said was right.”

    Seibold, who joined the Independent last August, is hoping to get his job back and “get a chance to redeem myself.”

  3. Thanks for the followup, Talbot. Just a few thoughts:
    – The guy is 32: old enough to know better.
    – He’s supposedly a professional. How hard did he try to obtain the info he needed before he had to write the article?
    – The incomplete sentence puts his professionalism in even further doubt.
    – Dude: if you depend on the copy editor to filter out your childishness and to finish your sentences, and if you blame him/her for your firing, consider that (s)he may have become fed up with you and allowed the article to go through out of a desire to see the last of you.

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