Some band’s first shows can be a little rough. That said, I’m thinking the Spoils will go over really well. Tonight is their first official show, where they’ll be playing along with College Kids (Library Voices’ Carl Johnson backed by Andy Shauf and Avery and Darryl Kissick).

I’m basing a lot of that off “What You Want”, a track from Spoils debut EP that they recorded with Jamie Deal, formerly of Ghosts of Modern Man. The Spoils is fronted by Riva Farrell Racette who you might remember as a bassist and vocalist in seminal Regina band Sylvie. I definitely hear a through line from that act to this one. “What You Want” is a hard-edged rock song with all the right post-hardcore influences.

Want to hear for yourself? The band’s letting me post the song here, for you to stream or download. Go for it.

As I mentioned in this issue’s Sound Check column, the last time I saw Riva was when she opened for Erin Passmore at her release show for the Downtown EP. If “What You Want” is any indication, she’s gone tighter and way more rocking with the Spoils.

If you miss the Spoils tonight at the Artful Dodger, you can catch them on December 26 at O’Hanlon’s, playing with Def 3.

(Also, I’ve posted this song to my own Soundcloud account, which is why there’s a photo of a handsome baby in a bow tie and not a more representative pic. Apologies.)