Interviews With Regina’s Candidates For Mayor

Over the last few days we’ve conducted short phone interviews with all of Regina’s candidates for mayor.

We asked them about their particular visions for Regina and how they’d achieve them. Also we chatted a bit about the 2012 city election campaign and some of the challenges they’ve faced and the things they’ve learned.

The interviews range from about 10 to 20 minutes long and you can listen to all the interviews below the fold. I’ve put them up in a random order because all the alphabetization at the forums was wearing me down.

You can also read Chad Novak’s responses to our Candidate Questionnaire.

You can also read Marian Donnelly’s responses to our Candidate Questionnaire.

You can also read Michael Fougere’s responses to our Candidate Questionnaire.

You can also read Liz Brass’ responses to our Candidate Questionnaire.

You can’t read Tom Brown’s responses to our Candidate Questionnaire because he doesn’t have e-mail and so this interview, which ranges a little freer than the others, will have to stand in for a profile for him.

You can also read Jim Elliott’s responses to our Candidate Questionnaire.

You can also read Charles Wiebe’s responses to our Candidate Questionnaire.

You can also read Meka Okochi’s responses to our Candidate Questionnaire.

Tim Siekawitch’s interview was too long to fit into our full-to-bursting Soundcloud account. And, in fact, this is only about half of what I recorded. But our conversation went on for close to an hour so I’ve only taken out the first 25 minutes or so when we were still mostly on topic. Anyway, please download and listen to our interview with Tim Siekawitch. (12.9MB mp3)

You can also read Tim Siekawitch’s responses to our Candidate Questionnaire.


All these interviews are as unedited as possible. Things I’ve taken out: some of my own “ums” and “ahs” and stammers, chit chat at the beginning and end about unrelated stuff or things connected to doing the interview, bits where cell connections were dropped and we had to reestablish communications, bits where the phone cut out due to call waiting beeps or what-have-you, interruptions from my kids. (I know it sounds like a lot but there are actually very few deleted moments.) Other than that, you’re hearing everything the candidates wanted to say and we take no responsibility for their statements.

Also, just a note about the quality of these recordings: for once I’m not taking responsibility for the distortion and the hissing and the whatnot. Instead I’m blaming SaskTel and whatever cellphone companies people are using. My rig for doing phone recordings is pretty good. It’s the telephones that kinda suck.

Follow all of our online election coverage — including interviews, analysis and podcasts — on our Regina City Election 2012 page. And you can read about everyone running in this election on our Candidate Profiles page.

Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

4 thoughts on “Interviews With Regina’s Candidates For Mayor”

  1. Good work Paul D. You are very thorough in your coverage.

    John Gormley show only had time to do 3 Regina mayor candidates this Monday Morning.
    Meka Okochi, Marian Donelly and Michael Fougere. Most of the callers called in to support Michael Fougere. Surprise surprise!
    It’s very obvious who the new Regina mayor will be.

  2. #1 I agree. If there is any sort of media award in Regina.. Paul should get it for 2012.

    It’s a highly agended “Suit” aka:
    ” busines man /Old Boy/ Votes Conservative / More connected than you…”

    vs. 3 much more approchable & reasonable people.

    To the other 5, thanks for keeping the election interesting.

  3. Interesting thing I tried…
    Google search:
    Chad Novak mayor: About 1,090,000 results
    Michael Fougere mayor: About 27,800 results
    Meka Okochi mayor: About 3,800 results
    Sometimes this city disgusts me.

  4. Chad Novak is the motha fuckin PLAYBOY OF THIS ELECTION- YA HEARD???????

    all jokes aside… Novak is by far the most recognized candidate to those who have followed the election progress online.

    People think he’s a bit ‘Out there’ because of how he carries himself… but one thing you can appreciate is that there is no smoke and mirrors with Chad Novak.

    He is straight forward – completely open with who he is, what he wants done and in what fashion he will do it. He constantly preaches transparency in government, and while others dip their toes in the idea, he exemplifies transparency – even if it has put him in a negative light.

    He isn’t hiding behind a suit, campaign dollars, and trying to be someone he’s not so that he could garner more mainstream support like many of the other candidates in this election.

    He has done somethings that I think did more damage than good (replying to almost EVERY twitter message, good or bad – and attacking people online when people pushed him over the edge, dropped out of the race once and came back) – but if you put all of that BS aside and look at what he actually wants to do… his views (minus the racetrack) are actually very good and would help Regina move past the current clog our municipal government is in.

    Who was held accountable for some of the recent blunders in city hall such as the Downtown ‘revitalization’ that went from 9 million to 20+? Nobody. I think Chad would find and hold those responsible accountable for it. You won’t see accountability in city hall with the current ‘mainstream’ candidates.

    We want ‘democracy’ but time and time again pick the polished candidate who doesn’t take risks or reveal who he/she really is to the people.. guess we just love being lied to.

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