Interviews From Heritage Mayoral Forum

After the mayoral forum hosted by the Heritage Community Association on October 10, I once again did some quick interviews to get a sense of how people think the candidates are doing.

(The clip starts near the end of my first interview because, like an idiot, I didn’t press the record button right off.)

Download audience reactions to the Heritage Community Association mayoral forum. (3.8MB mp3)

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Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

13 thoughts on “Interviews From Heritage Mayoral Forum”

  1. With all due respect to you, Paul, for the job you’re trying to do, I have to say that either PD should invest in better audio equipment to send into the field with you, or else clearly delineate what the parameters of coverage should be, given technical, time, and other limitations.

  2. Paul, thanks (ignore Barb, I heard you fine) you are doing a bangup job, and I have learned alot! Please continue, we are listening. And reading.

  3. @Simpleton: I was referring to the series of recordings over the past number of days, with which Paul has had difficulties, which difficulties he has described for his readers. Paul is not to blame (except where he says so himself); PD needs better equipment for its reporters, so that they don’t have to spend time they cannot afford to tweak the recordings into audibility.

  4. Thanks Simpleton! Glad to know people are listening. These are fun to do. And much easier than transcribing what people say.

    Barb: Actually, I like to think of these recordings as delightfully lo-fi.

    That said, if everyone wants to lobby the prairie dog to get state-of-the-art audio equipment for their writers, I wouldn’t stop you.

    Of course, we’d still have to overcome the ineptitude of some who keep forgetting little things like “you have to push the red triangle to start recording.”

  5. The record button on my Sony voice recorder has a red dot on it instead of a triangle and doubles as the pause button. Does yours do that too Paul?

  6. Uhhm Barb, do you have any experience yourself, at recording voice straight out of the air, in a noisy hall, from a large speakers’ table, with any reporter’s personal audio device, which may only be plopped somewhere convenient on the table where wished by the momentary table gods like yourself, and getting it to turn out wonderfully hi-fi for everything?

    I don’t think so.

    For Paul to have *that* in his PD pocket would be just magic.

    Meanwhile there is “better audio equipment to [have advantage of in] the field”, but I wonder whether you could name even generically the pieces involved, to make it all happen to your desired hi-fi quality within reporter time.

  7. agent w, it isn’t up to me to prescribe equipment, I have never been a momentary table god, and I fail to see why you are getting your shirt in a knot about a simple suggestion that the PD give its reporters what they need to do what the dog wants them to do, and what the public expects. You must have missed the part where I expressed all due respect to Paul, who is up against it when it comes to reporting on the forums. He shouldn’t have to be apologizing with every second post about the quality of the recording, and mentioning how much effort went into the editing for the post. He himself has concerns; read his posts and you will see them.

  8. So, basically, Barb is important enough to publicly lecture Paul on her standards for how to do his job, but ignorant enough to have no clue how that should actually be possible even in generically-named audio-equipment theory under the laws of the PD? humanity? the universe? (apart from lacking some miracle box in his suit pocket — woe betide him for lack of a sonic screwdriver).

  9. Hi E1!

    Paul recorded me.

    That was my 1st Digital experience of hearing my own voice, that wasn’t “on tape”.

    I sounded almost normal.

  10. I’ve head the CBC post exactly the same sound quality-type recordings on its website, following events such as this. It’s all about impromptu, value-added web services…not necessarily intended to match broadcast radio standards.

  11. @8: Remedial reading seems to be called for here (on your part; I find that I have to spell it out for folks like you). See #7; I’m not publicly lecturing Paul, just his employer.

    Now, Just for fun, apply your criteria for comment to candidates for mayor, on the topic of the pension shortfall. According to you, they should all be actuaries.

  12. Teachers, gotta love ’em: they act like they know everything, then turn into bullying types when someone disagrees.

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