20160304_143613On March 4, I did a blog post on the above-pictured mess that pedestrians encounter when trying to navigate from the north-east corner of Saskatchewan Drive and Albert St. The Facebook group Sidewalks of Regina queried the city via its Facebook page about the situation and below is a transcript of the exchange:

City of Regina: Hi, we understand your frustration. These barriers are there as a temporary measure to protect the signal, and associated equipment, poles and hardware, plus channel traffic into the right turn lane, until re-construction is undertaken.

Sidewalks of Regina: Thanks for getting back to us so quickly. We’re afraid this isn’t at all temporary. Check out this street view from April 2015. Surely a capital city can do better than this. When is reconstruction scheduled?

City of Regina: Our understanding is that this work was not completed due to underground utility work that needed to be done. We have asked our crews to go out and clean up this area by removing the temporary barricades, putting reflective tape on the concrete barriers and realigning the barriers to make the push button accessible. There is an initiation document for budget to undertake a functional study and land use study of the Saskatchewan drive corridor (Lewvan to Winnipeg) to being in 2017 if approved. This will determine the long term vision and plans for this area. If the budget ask does not get approved we will consider a temporary work around at this location.

Sidewalks of Regina: Thanks for deploying city crews to the site, but why did the City of Regina ever think it would be okay to keep this corner in such a state for so long? (i.e.: inaccessible to pedestrians/strollers/wheelchairs). If there’s an application in the works, they’re obviously aware of the situation, so it seems odd that it’s been inaccessible since (at least) April 2015. May we make a suggestion? Let’s make pedestrian access/accessibility part of this city’s long term vision. No more multi-year “temporary” measures, please!

City of Regina: Hi, we will pass along your suggestion to the appropriate department. Thanks for your feedback and have a great day!