Some of you may know about Is Anyone Up?, though hopefully not through personal experience. I first heard about it through the NPR show On the Media, when co-host Bob Garfield interviewed Is Anyone Up? founder Hunter Moore.

Garfield refers to the website as “revenge porn”, and that’s the best way to put it. Moore’s site would accept submissions from the somehow-embittered, or at worst sociopathic, users. Then, Is Anyone Up? went a step further by linking these images and videos to their subjects’ social media profiles.

So it’s with absolutely no sense of loss whatsoever that I tell you that Moore has shut the site down. Gawker has a post about Moore’s farewell letter, the gist of which being he’s realized the kind of harm a site like his could do.

It reminded me of Garfield’s interview with Moore, specifically the moment when Garfield asks him something along the lines of “What if someone submitted pictures of your mother or your sister?” Moore immediately said he wouldn’t post them, but couldn’t come to the point that Garfield was trying to make. He even sounded disgusted with Garfield for suggesting such a thing, when to anyone with a shred of decency or understanding knew Garfield’s meaning: “Why callously inflict on anyone if you wouldn’t to see it done to those close to you?”

If Moore is trying to play the repentance game — like professional asshole Tucker Max started doing not too far back — he’s got a long way to go. Either way, though, the site is down, so that’s some good news.