The National Infrastructure Summit is all over. The big news out of today is that there will be another summit in June of 2012 and Regina will again be hosting it.

Also, Mayor Fiacco announced that he will be working with other municipalities to put together a national infrastructure working group. It’s goal will be to come up with an infrastructure strategy that can be in place following the end of federal infrastructure spending in 2014.

I’ll write up some more concluding thoughts, post a few pics and maybe another interview or two either later today or early tomorrow. I will say this for now, though, it was a fun trio of days and everyone involved was impressed by the ideas brought forward and what was accomplished. Regina has a lot to be proud of here.

Oh, and on a personal note: Despite using the word about 10,000 times in my writing over the last three days, I still find “infrastructure” to be a really freaking awkward word to type.