This is the fourth installment in a programming partnership between the Dunlop Art Gallery, Saskatchewan Filmpool and University of Regina Film Department geared to showcasing indie/experimental film and video.

The programs are held at the RPL Film Theatre, and on Tuesday April 7 there’s a “live cinema performance” by American filmmaker Roger Beebe. Currently an associate professor of art at Ohio State University, Beebe has exhibited his work in locales as diverse as Times Square in New York and McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Beebe’s performance is titled Films for One To Eight Projectors, and it will involve him using multiple projectors to screen snippets of video and 16mm and super 8mm film that he’s appropriated from sources tied to mass culture, education and industry.

The performance on Tuesday will start at 7 p.m. at the RPL Theatre, and Beebe will be available for a Q&A afterwards. Admission is by donation. To close, here’s a clip from a 2012 production of Films For One To Eight Projectors