If you listened closely yesterday, you could probably hear the gentle splashing of T.V. nerd tears on keyboards as NBC announced that anemically-rated but cult-adored sitcom Community has been bumped from the midseason schedule. The details aren’t all bad — they’ve still got an order for 22 episodes, so the current season will still be a full one.

For a show that’s had a season-to-season renewal question mark hanging over its head, a move like this is enough to throw fans into a frenzy. As it did; for example, the A.V. Club‘s great blogger Sean O’Neal wrote this post. Shortly after, he took to Twitter, saying, “Holy shit, 53 comments in approximately 45 seconds on our Community post. I think I can probably just stop for the night.”

Besides the fact that NBC still has an order for more episodes, T.V. by the Numbers’ Bill Gorman points out one promising sign for a Season 4 of Community: the threshold for T.V. syndication these days is no longer 100 episodes, but closer to 88. Community‘s production company, Sony, has in the past reduced the price to the network for a renewal so that they could hit that syndication number.

So, some hope yet.