Apparently Britain’s Iron Lady is showing some signs of rust, and is headed to the recyclers (Daily Mail). So, there’s some debate in that sceptred isle about her upcoming funeral.

The British government does have contingency plans in case she kicks off, and she’s supposed to get a state funeral for some reason or other (Daily Mail). But, as that article suggests, that’s quite a pompous event, especially as opposed to the funerals of other British Prime Ministers that weren’t named Winston Churchill. And presiding over victory in the Second World War is a hell of a lot different than either presiding over victory in the Falkland Island conflict or fighting a civil war in your own country.

But this is Margaret Thatcher we’re talking about. This was a woman who opposed the welfare state. In my mind, expecting the British government to pay the estimated three million pounds sterling for your funeral – especially when you’ve got loads of your own money – is the very definition of being a welfare queen. And there are a few people in England who agree.

The Guardian has a great comment from someone who says that if Mrs. T thought the private sector should be the ones providing for people, not the government, then the private sector should pay for her funeral.

(Actually, it’s the commenters who are having the most fun with this.)

And talking about Thatcher’s funeral wouldn’t be complete without a couple of Scotsmen talking about their plans for the event on the British television show Mock The Week.