Earlier, Whitworth talked about the link Peter MacKay was making between the new Winnipeg Jets logo and the Canadian governments controversial F-35s.

Now, some are questioning a Saskatchewan Party candidate’s decision to send out Roughrider schedules with his face plastered all over them. (A photo is posted over at CKOM’s website.)

This really doesn’t need to be anything. Kevin Doherty, the candidate in question, saying that he just wanted to help people with the schedule is bullshit – of course he was trying to gain some political capital by doing this. But hey! If he wants to, why not? It’s his campaign.

The Rider reaction of wanting to stay nonpartisan is cool by me as well. They can just keep seeding their players into provincial and civic politics until the Rider Party has the force to go national.

Speaking of Riders, I’ll be the prairie dog‘s game correspondent at the Roughrider/Stamps game this Saturday! Stay tuned for a pre-game post and a bunch of fawning over my niece, who is a flyer for the first time in her cheer leading troupe (Troupe? Group? Team?), who are performing at half-time.