In Other News, Mommar Qadaffi Thinks Charlie Sheen Is Off The Rails …

As if people needed a reason to cancel, arguably, the least-funny television show on the air … (The Clicker)

Author: Stephen LaRose

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14 thoughts on “In Other News, Mommar Qadaffi Thinks Charlie Sheen Is Off The Rails …”

  1. I’m sorry, but as awful as Two and a Half Men is, Big Bang Theory has my vote for the less-than-honourable “least-funny television show on the air” designation…

  2. Hear, hear! I hate nerd-pandering. END IT. Proclaiming yourself a a nerd is like a safe way to still maintain a really giant ego. It’s just a way to disarm people.

  3. Whoa, I don’t watch the show but I’ve heard good things about Big Bang Theory from people with good taste in funny. I’ll have to start watching it and see if Against Nerd Pandering is on to something, or just maaaaaad as a nerd-hating hatter.

  4. I ain’t be hating nor hatting no nerds, Mr. Stephen. I am somewhat of a nerd-girl myself (that is, if comic books and Batgirl figurines count as nerdy).

    My issue with the Big Bang Theory is the incessant pandering and stereotypical glorification of things that many of my nerd-peers consider sacred. And it’s not even funny. As mentioned, I find it to be the least-funny television show on the air. I have never laughed less than when I am watching the Big Bang Theory.

    Furthermore, I find that people who watch Big Bang Theory can be roughly sorted into two categories: 1) non-nerds who then proceed to laugh, mock, and ridicule the nerds and nerdisms as depicted in the show, or 2) actual nerds who tune in because it is the only show to even remotely address and/or refer to the nerdy things they love. And if it was at least funny, I could lower myself to the level of liking something just because it’s familiar and relatable. However, it’s not funny. And it panders. Thus making it un-familiar (because real nerds don’t need to pander), and ultimately un-relatable.

    Just sayin’.

  5. Two-and-a-half Men is over? I wouldn’t have noticed.

    Big Bang Theory used to be funnier, and almost somewhat believable. The characters have gone too far off the deep end now, and are ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous. I don’t know where it went wrong but somehow the cartoonishness just went too far and there is no turning back…. I am betting the show will be over soon.

  6. Re: the original subject of this post — tells me that Sheen told “ABC’s Good Morning America in a text message from the Bahamas that he’s 100 percent clean and plans to be on the set Tuesday, when he was originally supposed to return.” (Source:,,20469125,00.html).

    Verdict? Charlie Sheen is the worst.

    And furthermore, that kid on the show isn’t even half a man anymore; he’s totally a whole man. If the show stays on (somehow?) it may need to be renamed “Two Dudes and a Douche” or something equally as accurate…

  7. I actually think that Two and a Half Men was funny for most of the first season – but when your series depends on variations of one set up and one punch line, it will get old pretty fast.

    And as per the thread – until today, I’d only met one person who didn;t thing Bog Bang Theory was funny. The number of the misguided is higher than I realized.

  8. Community = Funniest, Best Sitcom on TV. I’ve seen every episode, except last week when the PVR did not work. Office #2, Parks & Rec #3.

  9. 2 1/2 Men, Big Bang Theory…all the beneficiaries of seriously reduced expectations/standards. NBC’s Thursday night line-up is still way too unconventional (and close to home) for most people who spend their lives in schools/office/governments who uphold and perpetuate the very stereotypical behaviour all of these shows ingeniously savage. 2 1/2 Men, BBT…what do they offer? Just cornball, predictable gags, lame jokes, familiarity. Sadly, what North American culture thrives upon.

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