In Honour Of Toronto FC Actually, You Know, Winning A Game (TFC 2, LA Galaxy 1, CONCACAF Champions League Play) Here’s Rosie’s Top Six

GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE About 18 months ago, some prairie dog writer said buying the F-35 was a dumb idea. Now, the federal government feels the same. Of course, the Harper government will never buy combat drones because they run on biofuels and Davis Suzuki might approve, and Harper would get cooties from him.

I GUESS HE’S NOT GOING TO USE THEM FOR A REFERENCE Greg Smith’s departure from Goldman Sachs went viral yesterday, and, though it may be too much to ask, here’s hoping that it leads to a real re-examination as to why people get into business. Rolling Stone’s Matt Tabbi does a pretty good analysis. And, as expected, Goldman Sachs isn`t going to take this lying down get to the reason why nobody in their right mind would trust them.

EVEN FOR THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS, THAT’S A LOT OF EFFORT TO TROLL FOR HIPPIE CHICKS illustrates how the FBI and other U.S. law enforcement agencies devolved undercover operations against animal rights activists and radical environmental groups into a surveillance campaign of farmers’ markets and ‘anarchist hangouts,’ which of course means coffee houses and record stores. American tax dollars at work making the country safer.

NOBODY LIKES HIM, EVERYBODY HATES HIM, RUSH LIMBAUGH IS GOING TO THE GARDEN TO EAT WORMS The latest of the 142 advertisers who pulled their ads from Rush Limbaugh’s syndicated conservative pity party? The U.S. Army. Even the rock band Rush doesn’t want anything to do with him. Leave it to Jon Stewart to put Limbaugh’s statements, and the Fox News Network’s let’s-all-feel-bad-for-Rush coverage, in context.

–30—MAKE THAT –69– The editorial page editor of the Portland-based Oregonian daily newspaper died during or after sex with a 20something woman who wasn’t his wife. In the original obit, his mother said ‘his heart and soul were in newspapers.’It hasn’t been re-edited to say that his penis was somewhere else. Yet.

SAVE THE CBC FROM ITSELF PART 2960 Sci-fi writer Spider Robinson has set up a petition asking the CBC to digitize its entire music library. Currently the CBC plans to digitize only a small portion of it. And if I didn’t think this petition wasn’t important, then why would I have mentioned it here …

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN In honor of the Canadian Department of National Defense, here’s XTC with Generals and Majors.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

6 thoughts on “In Honour Of Toronto FC Actually, You Know, Winning A Game (TFC 2, LA Galaxy 1, CONCACAF Champions League Play) Here’s Rosie’s Top Six”

  1. Thanks for the comment, Brian. Comparisons between a broadcast institution and an individual don’t work. You have have to compare comparable things: CBC to, say Fox News, for example.

  2. I pay for Fox News and Sun TV in my cable package and can get rid of them anytime I wish and receive a reduction in my bill. Cant get rid of CBC and ask Ottawa for a refund. No comparsion either, Stephen.

  3. Thanks for the comment, Brian. If you’re talking about an ideological bias, which is what I thought you were talking about, the comparison works well enough (though I disagree with you that CBC has anything resembling the scale of bias Fox has).

    But as you say, the CBC is on basic cable. Then again, aren’t CTV and Global, too?

  4. Thanks as always for the comment, Brian. I prefer the more civilized term “Canadian” to the tawdry, bean-counterish “taxpayer” but you’re right: the CBC is in part publicly funded, unlike Global and CTV. However, as you no doubt know, many Canadians support the CBC and are glad to pay their tax money to it, so maybe, just maybe, you’re acting a little grumpier about the CBC than is reasonable.

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