In just under two hours, the Galaxy is showing a double feature of the classics Dracula and Frankenstein. They’ve been showing an ad for this in the Cineplex Pre-Show all month, where they’ve also been bragging about the restoration process. If memory serves, they’ve basically been saying they’ve made it better than it was when it was first show, which makes me feel like they’ve added Jabba the Hutt to at least one scene.

To boot, there’ll be a short presentation before the movies featuring interviews with those involved in the restoration process, because what’s spookier than guys talking about ambient noise and computer stuff.

If you miss it today, the Cineplex website says they’ll be doing it again on October 24 and October 31. Or, if you want something truly spooky, go see Alex Cross and ponder why they’d hand an action-thriller franchise over to Tyler Perry.