First up, an adorable, frosty kitty was found under the patio of a Big River couple earlier this week. From CBC:

Warriner thought there might be a porcupine under the deck and was concerned his dogs would mix it up with the animal and get some barbs. So he put the dogs in the garage and when his wife came outside he asked her to go and investigate. Her report was that she saw a “catlike” creature. “So I got the flashlight and went over there,” he said. “It had a big head and it was a cougar.”

Did they kiss it and love it and squeeze it and hug it and name it George, or did they, uh, do the boring, no-fun thing and call wildlife officials to haul it away? Find out here.

IN OTHER CUTE ANIMAL NEWS: That cougar was adorbs but this is DEFINITELY the animal story of the week:

A Manitoba woman has an unusual new pet after a South African scorpion hitched a ride home in her luggage when she returned from a vacation. Theresa Arnott noticed her stowaway — which she has since named Harold — on Monday, shortly after coming back from her Christmas visit to see family in South Africa.

Harold! We love you too! And look! There’s the happy ending to the story.

Hooray for cougars and scorpions! I love animals! And in conclusion: