Mid-level Conservative Party staffer Michael Sona has been facing most of the heat in the robocalls scandal that saw misleading and harassing phone calls made to non-Conservative supporters in Guelph and other ridings prior to the 2011 federal election. The calls were fraudulently attributed to Elections Canada, and in sworn testimony colleagues of Sona’s in the Conservative Party have portrayed him as a rogue operative who engaged in all sorts of clandestine activities to acquire a secret Conservative Party list of non-supporters and to contract with an Alberta company called RackNine to make the robocalls.

Now, it turns out that the Crown has made a deal with another mid-level Conservative staffer named Andrew Prescott who was deputy campaign manager for the Guelph riding. In exchange for testifying as to what he knows about the affair he’s being offered immunity from prosecution. Sona is scheduled to appear in court on June 2 for either a preliminary hearing or, if that’s waved, his actual trial. Prescott’s name has come up in the Elections Canada investigation, but it’s not yet known what he will reveal about the robocalls campaign in his testimony.