Imagine Downtown

Regina Downtown Business Improvement District is going to be holding some focus groups and town hall meetings to generate some dialogue around the downtown. Here’s some background on the idea as laid out by RDBID:

What is Imagine Downtown?
Over the next few months, RDBID will be leading the Imagine Downtown initiative, a very visible and inclusive public dialogue that will explore the experiences and perspectives of our stakeholders to better understand their view of the downtown today, and their hopes for the future.

What’s This All For?
The insights, information and perspectives gained through Imagine Downtown will be used to craft a compelling vision that truly reflects the public’s perceptions, opinions, ideas and priorities pertaining to Regina’s Downtown, and inform the development of RDBID’s strategic plan, which will help guide RDBID programs, activities, capital investments and advocacy work in the downtown.

Image Downtown is About You!
Downtown is everyone’s neighborhood. And Imagine Downtown is everyone’s opportunity to voice their perspectives. We want you stories, your experiences, your memories, your concerns, and your ideas regarding Regina’s downtown. What do you love about Regina’s downtown? What needs to change?

Let’s Talk
Attend one of our upcoming focus groups or town hall sessions to share your stories and ideas and voice your perspectives on a wide range of topics about Regina’s downtown. Or, drop by the Imagine Downtown pop-up location to learn more about Regina’s downtown and add your ideas to the conversation.

I guess the launch was on May 14 at the DoubleTree Hilton, and there’s a town hall scheduled for the MacKenzie Art Gallery June 11 at 4 p.m. You can find out more on the Imagine Downtown website.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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3 thoughts on “Imagine Downtown”

  1. The Top Four places I used to meet all of my friend at are now, for whatever reason, closed w/n the past few years. Low-key but cheap and unassuming, The Bay and Sears cafes/cafeterias. Gone, not replaced. The Novia, of course. That Chinese food place down on Rose. Closed. These were great places to take your perverted thoughts. Now it’s all about sunshine and lollipops and servers named Chelsea or Chad who always call you “boss”.

  2. Is it Wa Sun that’s closed? When did this happen?

    Actually, to say “that Chinese food place on Rose” has closed would be a shame on many possible fronts, because you could take that to mean Peking House or Four Seas as well, either of which would be a huge loss.

    Shanghai Lily on 14th might fill your need for a house-based Chinese place; the food is great, but a little pricier than Wa Sun.

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