To make a long story short, I, Stephen Whitworth, editor of Prairie Dog, have acted like a jerk. I’m an idiot who sets off social media shitstorms by calling people mean names.

What’s wrong with me?

The last month or so has been awful, with a mass murder at a Florida gay club, two Black men killed by police in the U.S., and a retaliatory shooting that left five cops dead and seven more injured (plus two civilians). There was also a debatably divisive but inarguably important Black Lives Matter protest at Toronto’s Pride parade, which became a nexus for social media hostility and racism.

It’s all a little much to take in, and I’ve been stressed out, freaked out and dumber than usual. That doesn’t excuse my being mean to other freaked-out people and calling them names, though, which I did — and for which I unreservedly apologize.

And while, in this world of Donald Trumps, Vladimir Putins and Nigel Farages, I can’t promise I’ll never call someone a mean name on Prairie Dog’s Twitter account, I can vow that in the future I won’t pettily name-call people who are trying to do good work.

Hopefully this apology will restore confidence in Prairie Dog so that it can remain a safe space for debate and discussion of issues by those seeking to build a better world.

Once again, I’m sorry.