If You Vote For The Conservatives, You Can’t Handle The Truth

In Mississauga, Conservatives blocked tough but fair questions from reporters:

A Conservative staffer near the reporter prompted the crowd of about 500 into sustained, aggressive applause that lasted more than a minute, drowning out the reporter’s repeated efforts to get a response from Harper.

The crowd eventually surged to its feet to shield the prime minister from the line of inquiry, while staffers led cheers of “Harper!”

So if you’re a Conservative supporter, you’re supportingĀ  the party that constantly sabotages press freedom and Canadians’ right to know the truth.


The story in more detail: The Conservatives are ducking questions on a pair of new campaign controversies in the form of two candidates with connections to terrorism.

First and worst: in the Vancouver South riding, the CBC reports that Conservative candidate Wai Young has been “personally endorsed” by businessman Ripudaman Singh Malik, who went to trial over the Air India bombing and has admitted giving money to the family of the convicted bomb-maker who committed perjury testifying on Malik’s behalf.

Second: Gavan Paranchothy, the Conservative candidate in Scarborough Southwest, referred to the terrorist-designated Tamil Tigers as “heroes”, drawing criticism from his own party.

If you’re a reporter, don’t bother asking Conservative candidates about either of these stories. They’ll get their little mob of brownshirts to drown you out. Because that’s the Conservative philosophy: shut up and get out of our way.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

4 thoughts on “If You Vote For The Conservatives, You Can’t Handle The Truth”

  1. This might be trite, but the more I see Canadian politics sink into the sickening American style of left vs. right with no common sense or, dog forbid, NATIONALISM allowed, the more I want to move to Europe.

  2. Right, because there’s no recent history of nationalism leading to horrific events in Europe.

  3. @Emmet
    You crack me up, and are perfectly correct. However, wouldn’t you also agree that because it’s occurred there in living memory, it’s less likely to happen again in the immediate future?

    Arguably, that’s what the whole EU superstate is all about — preventing another nationalist war in Europe.

    Here in North America, on the other hand, we haven’t evolved politically at the same rate, and don’t know the horrors of war on our doorsteps in the same way — the last occasion, of course, being the US Civil War down south, and the Red River/ Riel Rebellions in MB and SK.

    After 130 to 150 years, no memory of it remains, leaving us susceptible to the call of tribalism, which I agree with Dewdney Lewvan appears to be on the rise. Even California governor Jerry Brown is now saying that the political situation closely mirrors the pre-Civil War era.

    That might sound crazy, but I wonder if someone had predicted all that bloodshed in 1851 if they’ve have been thought a loon or a fool at the time.

  4. @Gordeaux

    That’s an interesting and discomforting point. Though I must say I’m not sure if this dittohead/tribalism culture really is on the rise or if certain self-interested groups merely wish it so.
    I still have a lot of faith in Canada, and take great heart in the fact that we’ve had three (hopefully four) consecutive minority governments means that Canadians are properly skeptical of all the political parties and their leaders and refuse to grant any of them a mandate to run Parliament without the co-operation of the Opposition.
    I feel slightly hypocritical saying this considering I quit Saskatchewan (for fairly vague and mostly personal reasons, I should emphasize), but I hope that people dissatisfied with our government will stay and continue to work to ensure that Canada remains as just a nation as I believe it essentially is. An uncast ballot is a vote for bad government and all that.

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