If The Saskatchewan New Democratic Party Proposed Something Like This Their MLAs’ Guts Would Be Used As Garters

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is campaigning to reduce the number of municipal governments — rural municipalities, villages, towns — from the 800+ we have now.

Oh yeah. In a province where rural areas have a disproportionate amount of political power thanks to political gerrymandering and cusoms, this campaign is going to go well.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

10 thoughts on “If The Saskatchewan New Democratic Party Proposed Something Like This Their MLAs’ Guts Would Be Used As Garters”

  1. It should be done; it’s long overdue. We need to go to the county system.

  2. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec have the county system; Alberta has it de facto, though the name is “municipal district”. Many other countries use the county system; it is not an American invention. Even if it was, adoption of the county system would not be evil.

  3. I work in a government agency and already deal with administrators who administer 2 or 3 rural municipalities or one town at once. I have never asked but suspect the reason is because qualified administrators are scarce; several RMs and/or urban municipalities can pool resources, etc. Anyways, I have long thought the division of these districts was too small in today’s world. Also, if you look at RMs close to major urban centres, their districts have become smaller due to annexation. This idea of counties or major administration districts is not new, but the Saskatchewan Party will tentatively put this idea forward to see how much opposition there is. Personally, the sooner this is done, the better.

  4. Stephen LaRose’s point is that the NDP would be held to a different standard than the Sask. Party if the NDP had proposed this idea.

    The merits of the policy aside (it sounds sensible to me, too), I’d be curious to know if you guys agree with Rosie that there’s one standard for the NDP and a different one for the Saskatchewan Party, and it’s totally unfair and stupid.

  5. #5: the same shared-administrator thing used to happen when there were many small school divisions; the NDP took the bit in their teeth and amalgamated. There was lots of bitching, but people have learned to live with it, and it was for the best.
    Just after the amalgamation, I happened to be at a school function, which John Nilson also attended. We were chatting, and I suggested that, since the govt already had people’s backs up, it should go for it and shrink the number of municipalities. He laughed.

  6. So does Sk. really need 3 more MLA’s?

    Mapping out counties might become interesting..

  7. I have to leave something for you to do, Ron.
    As to #6: I think that you already have your answer, from David Marit, head of SARM.
    He and his organisation hate the idea, and it wouldn’t matter who was pushing it.

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