I Think Rob Ford Might Be Toast

You remember the Rob Ford Crackstarter, Gawker’s effort to raise $200,000 to buy a video of (allegedly) the Toronto mayor smoking crack? Yeah. It’s going to work. I’ve checked in on it a few times in the last day. As of right now, this second, it’s [checks] $140,832. Last night it was $118-something thousand.

I think it’s time to ask if Ford will make it to the weekend without resigning? If that video shows what two reporters and Gawker’s editor say it does, I can’t see a way out of this for Ford.

On the bright side, even people who’ve despised him are probably starting to feel bad for the guy. I know I do.

UPDATE: In the time it took to write this post (about five minutes), the crackster has increased to $141,003.

UPDATE-2:22 p.m.: $141,943

UPDATE-2:37 p.m.: $143,158

UPDATE-3:23 p.m.: $144,690

UPDATE-4:01 p.m.: holy shit, $155,240. Also, Ford has fired his chief of staff. Bad week for Conservative politicians’ chiefs of staff in this country today.

UPDATE-7:55 p.m.: $159,382. Earlier today someone donated $10,000. Alas, Gawker’s contact can’t contact the guy with the phone, so this my all be for naught. More here.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

14 thoughts on “I Think Rob Ford Might Be Toast”

  1. Why would you feel bad for him? Maybe disgust for how pathetic the situation is, but no real sympathy, right?

  2. No, I actually have genuine sympathy. He seems like an angry, unhappy human and now that he’s vulnerable, I feel bad about that. I mean, he’s still behaved horribly, though.

    Ugh. It’s so complicated.

  3. I’m not convinced Rob Ford will ever resign. Typically, public figures who resign are persuaded to do so by members of their party or to get their families out of the public eye (if sufficient embarrassment exists). Since Ford has no party affiliation and — I suspect — feels very little embarrassment (in general), I’d be willing to bet on him clutching the mayoralty with his grubby little hands for as long as possible. What is the recall procedure for the City of Toronto?

  4. Don’t feel bad for him, he wouldn’t feel bad for you. In fact if your magazine, or the Toronto equivalent, folded, throwing you out of work, he’d do a happy dance all over it, then wet himself and fall down down drunk all over it.

  5. politicians’

    What is just as disturbing as the allegations is that people are willing to pay alleged drug dealers big money for alleged footage of alleged questionable behaviour. Talk about lack of moral compass.

    Brad a une grande moustache, n’est-ce pas?

  6. Drug dealers are just entrepreneurs trying to make a buck. I don’t endorse the lifestyle, but it’s just free market capitalism baby. I don’t like junk mail, either.

  7. I’m not impressed with the media, potential drug dealers selling video, and Rob Ford’s never-ending spiral of issues and problems. And more denials. I’m not surprised his brother sticking up for him, family you know.

    Rob’s fighting against everything style is backfiring. He’s not a coach anymore. Big shakeup at the office.

    Rob Ford can’t keep being mayor with something this big.

  8. Interesting that the same progressives who were puffing out their chests and feigning false outrage over the cyper bullying of Rehtaeh Parsons are doing the same thing to Ford

  9. “To be blind to the ironies of one’s position is to be ridiculous.”

    – Eric Savoy, Montreal, Globe and Mail, Letters 24May2013

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