I Like It Up The Ass.

We interrupt October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month of pink asswipe and (tee hee!) internet gags to bring you this report on Canada’s crappy ranking in the World Economic Forum’s study that measure indicators like economic participation and opportunity and political clout. Canada ranked 20th, up from last year’s ranking of 25th, but still behind, well, 19 other countries like the USA and Lesotho. Go Canada.

As you were.

Author: Carle Steel

Carle Steel was a simple moisture farmer on a barren, sun-baked world who, through fate and destiny, brought the mighty Galactic Empire to its knees. She likes cats, bats, mice and you.

6 thoughts on “I Like It Up The Ass.”

  1. Thanks Carle!

    I agree with the statement by J. Joerres (CEO of Manpower) in the report regarding the shrinking of the work-age population. He says that “the mismatch between where talent is available and where it is needed will inevitably worsen.” I believe I might present such an example. I was passed over for a management position, it was given to an outside male candidate. I had no choice and accepted the company’s choice. I was asked to and then proceeded to train this outside hired male for months, so that he could learn the position I was already quite capable of doing. At my office their is a supposed policy that if they can hire a suitable person with appropriate skill level that they are supposed to hire from within. They choose not to do so.

    I came second place to the man I ended up training. He is my boss.

    It all makes me wish I wasn’t stereotyped as a less suitable candidate simply because I am female. In all actuality it makes me wish I wasn’t a woman sometimes. I wonder how different the world would seem.

  2. Dewdney: I should add that we’re sex positive so the anal-curious are welcome here.

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