I Hear A Symphony, Motown’s Greatest Hits

Saturday night, as part of its Schumiatcher Pops Concert series, the Regina Symphony Orchestra is presenting this salute to Motown. Named after the record company founded by Berry Gordy Jr. in Detroit in 1959 (the label name is what’s known as a portmanteau combining the words “motor” and “town”), Motown served as a springboard for dozens of African American artists to popularize soul and R & B-infused pop music in the United States, Europe and many other areas of the world.

Tomorrow’s concert will feature contributions from Joy Lynn Jacobs, Destan Owens and Mandy Gonzalez. It goes at Conexus Arts Centre at  8 p.m., and more information can be had by visiting the RSO’s website or calling 306-586-9555.

I don’t know if any of the tunes from the following clip from a 1983 TV special celebrating Motown’s 25th anniversary will be performed, but it will certainly give you a sense of the talent and energy of the artists who defined the era:


Author: Gregory Beatty

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