If a guy wearing a t-shirt with an image of Johnny Cash giving the finger tries to serve you beer he makes in his basement, take it. Thanks Niall, for the hospitality and the wasted day spent getting over it. I think I may be a bit immature. It was a magical evening though! Prairie Dog co-founders Dr. D and April were out and Whitworth got his tab paid for him TWICE!

It’s been a nice stay in Regina. Saw the Red Sox play on Tuesday night. Wow! Those boys can hit a ball. I lost track of how many frozen ropes went all the way to the wall. They look pretty good to repeat while my Saskatoon Yellow Jackets are going to need to snurgle out some wins in their last 5 games to get it. Go Jackets!

More amazing Regina people tonight. An invitation from Lois-Anna said something about deer sausage and cabbage rolls and rhubarb crisp. How awesome does that sound! And I get to meet a new person which is cool about 86% of the time.

Only one more sleep before I go home with my Dad’s 74th birthday present in tow. I hope it fits because I know how much he loves Johnny Cash.