Skymag white issueWe got the new issue of Sky — “Saskatchewan’s magazine for living well” — in the mail this week and, um. Is it just me* or is this combination of cover text and photo a little, erm, insensitive?

I’m sure Sky meant well, and it’s clear from the feature that they admire football legend George Reed. And it’s certainly acceptable to write about colour in a fashion magazine and, I guess, have an annual white issue in winter.

But you can’t put a black couple on the cover of your “white issue” and think it means nothing.** There’s still racism and xenophobia in our culture, and not being aware of it is not the same as being unaffected by it. Did Sky approach Reed and his wife, Angie, and announce they’re going to be the white issue’s cover stars? I’m guessing they didn’t.

Then again, Reed’s lived in Saskatchewan a long time. Maybe nothing surprises him anymore.

I mean, even the publisher’s note is titled, “The Colour Of The Sky In My World”.

That colour is really, reeeeally white.

*It’s not just me. **Unless you’re a lot smarter. Vice could probably pull off something interesting.