Okay, this hardly ever happens but once in a while, a music writer forgets that readers — also called “normal people”— don’t know all the obscure lore they do, and therefore won’t understand their clever jokes and references.

So once in a while, their editors have to look up something a music writer wrote that seems to make no sense, since the editor doesn’t want readers tossing Prairie Dog across the room in frustration.

This happened today. One of our esteemed writers — I won’t embarrass James by naming him — mentioned a “Florida Georgia Line’s Cruise”. Huh? What’s that? Never heard of it.

So I Googled “Florida Georgia Line’s Cruise”. Turns out Florida Georgia Line is a band and “Cruise” is one of their songs.

Since I had to watch this (well, I made it through the first third of it) I think you should have to, too.

“And this brand new Chevy with a lift kit /Would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it.” UGH.