That’s it. I’m taking my toys and going back to Saskatoon. Highlights of my week in Regina include:

-A home-cooked meal that made me miss the farm. Thanks Lois-Anna and Scott. We ate flowers from the back yard! (Updated with photo!)

-Seeing my old friends Mitch and April and pretending I didn’t want Mitch to pick up the entire tab.

-Getting ruined like a 17 year old with Stephen. He continues to be a shitty influence.

-Seeing a movie with a stoned stranger at the IMAX. If my mind was slightly blown, that guy is probably still recovering.

-Running into an old friend completely by accident at a Red Sox game and pretending I didn’t want him to buy me a beer. Thanks D’arcy.

-Sleeping in my pal’s bed (they let me use the master suite) rather than a hotel. So relaxing. T and T, you people are super swell.

-Hanging out in the prairie dog office and pretending to be useful. Hey Paul, I’m pretty annoying ain’t I. Greg just stopped coming in because of me. Tell Chris to drive slow and wear a helmet.

-Finally, a mysteriously agitated groin muscle. I have no explanation, so I will use Whitworth’s: “Regina makes my crotch hurt.”

I gotta move it. Saskatoon needs me.  See you soon Regina (in fact tomorrow for a football game). Cheers and thanks!