Some places are better than others. Watchdog groups have been fielding thousands of calls, with Pennsylvania making life especially difficult. Mother Jones reports that

voters are showing up to polling stations and seeing signs that say photo ID is required to vote, when state law says it’s only necessary for first-time voters. Some voters, [the Lawyer’s Committee’s Barbara] Arnwine said, are being turned away by poll workers who mistakenly believe that all voters need government-issued photo ID to cast a ballot.

Also, this video has been circulating around. If you don’t have half a minute to spare, the voter in question tries to pick Barack Obama, but the machine has a mind of its own.

And in Virginia, there are reports of Hispanic voters with English comprehension problems getting no help from poll station workers. That same post talks about one polling place in New Mexico that didn’t have any English ballots whatsoever. I think English speakers can take it.