Old news by now, but here it is: Ultimate Spider-Man underwent a huge change.

In case you don’t know, Marvel has a separate line of comics under the Ultimate banner. Same heroes and everything, but a different world where they can do whatever they want and, since it’s not the official universe, they don’t have to worry about too much nerd rage.

Nerd rage largely wasn’t the problem, though, when it was announced that Ultimate-universe Peter Parker got killed off. His replacement? A bi-racial kid named Miles Morales.

This shouldn’t be a problem, but for some people, it is. The most notable detractor was notable asshole Glenn Beck, who blamed Michelle Obama.

I think there are two ways to react to this news, illustrated by some web comics:

THE WRONG WAY Get as close minded about this as possible. Be a complete dick about it, and senselessly lash out, like this guy documented by Our Valued Customers.

THE RIGHT WAY Well, Let’s Be Friends Again sums it up best here.