How Much Money Did The Riders Make?

A lot. They made a lot of money.

According to CJME, the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club “is expected to announce a record profit of $6.6 million” at their Annual General Meeting.

Seems like a good time to be a sports team on the prairies. Hopefully that applies elsewhere too.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

9 thoughts on “How Much Money Did The Riders Make?”

  1. They say that they appreciate the fans, but have they actually done anything to show it? I’d love to see ticket prices or merchandise prices be reduced, but I doubt that will happen. Why not show the fans that you actually care by making things more affordable. T-shirts aren’t worth $34, that’s all I’m saying..

  2. Someone told me recently that if the ‘Riders were in the NFL, they’d be 7th in overall merch sales. Can anyone confirm or deny this? It sounds good, but could be a myth of sorts.

  3. Gordeaux, not sure about that, but last year the Riders were 3rd in Canada in Reebok sales. Just behind the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens. (That’s just Reebok merchandise)

  4. @Dave

    As a fan I’m not interested in saving a couple of bucks on a tshirt, jersey or even a ticket. I hope they invest their money for a rainy season. And the rainy season(s) will come – anyone else remember the telethon years?

  5. Sorry Rachel, I’m not made of money. Youth tickets used to be way cheaper to make it easier on families, and tshirts aren’t worth $34.
    And I don’t understand, are you predicting another telethon year coming up? If the organization treats their fans right they’ll never run into those problems regardless of the teams success on the field.

  6. @Dave

    I’m not predicting more telethon years, but who knows? I just think it’s best to be prudent and save some of the profits for potential, unforeseeable expenses.

  7. Rachel, all I’m saying is if you treat your fans right you won’t run into those problems. Example, Winnipeg had a brutal team on the field last year but a great social media presence and included the fans and got them involved. If you’re going to talk the talk (we love our fans’ support) then walk the walk (show it).

  8. @Dave

    So you’re saying the Rider organization can treat their fans right by increasing their social media presence and getting the fans involved? That argues against your point that they need to give discounts on shirts and tickets to maintain that same fan support. Why wouldn’t they pick the cheaper/free social media option if it’s just as effective at ‘walking the walk’ as you have just argued?

    I have season tickets because I love football and I enjoy Rider games. That’s enough for me. I don’t need the Rider organization to pat me on the back and thank me with a discount for doing something I enjoy and would do anyway.

  9. Maybe I don’t quite understand Rachel..

    I wasn’t contradicting myself, I was pointing out an example of a team that showed the fans they care. With the Riders recent profit I thought they could afford to do it in another way such as tickets and merchandise.

    They should pick the cheaper option, good call.
    *It’s not “just as effective at ‘walking the walk’” – it IS walking the walk.

    I also love football, a lot of people do, but that’s not a reason for a team to take their paying fans for granted. That’s enough for you and that’s fine, but I think a simple thank you would be nice, whether it’s discounts or putting a little more effort in something as simple as social media.

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