I would say that Slate’s Hang Up and Listen is the best sports podcast I know, but that would be a little misleading since it’s the only sports podcast I listen to. Even if I’m not entirely up on my athletic podcast listening, I can say that it is a) the best of Slate’s podcasts and b) one of my favourites outside of that. And being a fella with, as of right now, about 50 podcast feeds in his iTunes, I feel like that might mean something.

Anyhow, on their most recent episode, host Stefan Fatsis and co-hosts Josh Levin and Mike Pesca closed out the episode with a bit of perspective on Canada’s Lingerie Football League. If you’ve been avoiding all the commotion around Regina getting their own team — and really, who could blame you — this is a good summary of what’s up. Plus, Fatsis describes founder and chairman Mitch Mortaza as “sort of like Dan Borislow, the guy who ruined women’s professional soccer, except maybe a little bit more odious.” Fun fun!

If you don’t feel like skipping around the episode for that part, I’ve clipped it out and posted it over here.