How Do You Say “Suit Up” In Russian?

Now in its sixth season – and renewed for two more – CBS’ How I Met Your Mother is unstoppable. (And really great, too.)

It’s now popular enough to have earned a Russian remake, seen above. The question is, which owes more to the original: the Russian version, starring a guy who looks a little bit like Daniel Craig in Neil Patrick Harris’ role, or the recently-debuted Mad Love, a show also on CBS that borrows from HIMYM heavily?

Also, seeing trailers like this makes me wonder if there’s just a parallel T.V. world over in Russia, where that curly haired guy that plays the Jason Segel role also starred in a Russian Undeclared, but didn’t really break out until he was in a Russian Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

One thought on “How Do You Say “Suit Up” In Russian?”

  1. The bizarro Slavic TV world exists. In Ukraine, there are lots of popular adaptations of British and American TV shows: Wife Swap, American Idol, and Married With Children(!) Not surprising that they’d take HIMYM too.

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