From the Guardian:

The far-right Greek politician who slapped a woman and threw water in the face of another on live television has threatened to sue his victims, claiming they provoked his attack.

Ilias Kasidiaris, spokesman for the Golden Dawn party, has been in hiding since Thursday, when he assaulted the two leftwing politicians and stormed off the podium during a television debate.

The incident is on YouTube, of course. If you look very close — and you have to pull out the big Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass to do this — you’ll notice that the women in question really don’t seem to be baiting Kasidiaris. Neither of them are wearing “Kick Me” or “Throw Water in My Face” or “Slap Me with Both Hands Like a Sad Windmill” signs. If the subtitles are to believed, neither of them were going on about how “This is a real slap to the face!”, which any fan of weak slapstick knows is an invitation to get slapped.

You know what? I feel compelled to say that they probably weren’t plotting to make Kasidiaris lose his shit, if only because who could expect someone to hit a political opponent on T.V.?