Hostage Drama At Discovery Channel

A gunman has taken at least one person hostage at the U.S. headquarters of the Discovery Channel. PZ Meyers at Pharyngula has reprinted his list of demands. In short: he wants the Discovery Channel to only broadcast shows that promote stopping war, fixing the environment and reforming the economic system.

The guy is clearly certifiable, but at least his heart’s in the right place. Funny how gun control doesn’t make his list though, eh?

Also funny how he’d think the Discovery Channel would be an appropriate venue for his message considering it seems to phasing out most of it’s educational programming in favour of tough-guy and believe-it-or-not fare like American Loggers, Ghost Lab, Destroyed In Seconds, and Survivorman.

Thing about this though that’s alarming is it’s yet more evidence of how damaged and unstable the American psyche is. That is one nation you don’t want to poke right now.

Author: Paul Dechene

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6 thoughts on “Hostage Drama At Discovery Channel”

  1. Put this one right up there with a dismissed police officer who thought taking a busload of tourists hostage at gunpoint would get him his job back. Delusion knows no boundaries or ideologies…

  2. Latest news is the hostages are safe but police shot and killed the gunman. They believe he was James J Lee. The Globe and Mail writes this about him:

    “…he said he began working to save the planet after being laid off from his job in San Diego. He said he was inspired by ‘Ishmael,’ a novel by environmentalist Daniel Quinn and by former vice-president Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth.”

    I suspect Gore and environmental hysteria will be blamed in some circles for this incident. But personally, I think getting laid off might be the real toxic influence.

  3. Old thread and old news, but did you actually read his statement? His heart was most definitely in the wrong place.

  4. I had, yes. And “heart in the right place” was a poor choice of words. I dashed that post off and put it online without reviewing it.

    Mind you, I’m currently re-reading The Sheep Look Up so I maybe have more sympathy for where his heart is than I might otherwise.

  5. Despite all the gallows humour out in the blogosphere, this is a very sad story. The man was clearly ill, unable to get out of his own head, and he may, at some level, have been looking to free himself from his suffering (death by cop).

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