It’s a mess there right now. From The New York Times:

By noon, Ted Blazel, the sergeant-at-arms, began making his way through the Capitol building, packed with chanting protesters (elated at the development), in search of a Democrat — in offices, under desks, in corridors. “Nothing yet,” he said, his forehead drenched in sweat.

If none of the lawmakers were found in the building, the Wisconsin State Patrol would be assigned to begin searching for them elsewhere, said a Senate official.

Inside the Capitol, speculation swirled: Were the Democrats together somewhere, maybe even in another state by now?

The presumed reason for their disappearance is that Democrats — and thousands of teachers, state workers and students — vigorously oppose the Republican-backed bill that would sharply curtail the collective bargaining rights and slash benefits for most public sector workers, including teachers, in the state. Republicans control the Senate by a 19-to-14 margin, but 20 senators — and thus, at least one Democrat — are needed to vote on a bill.

More here. And reports from Madison’s excellent alt weekly the Isthmus are here.

The city of Madison (birthplace of The Onion! Go visit! It’s so great! Have a mac and cheese for me!) has gone Egyptian on the Governor Of Wisconsin’s Ass. Madisonites do not care for politicians who use a budget crisis as a license to attack public workers. And good on them for it.