Hoodwinked By White Supremacists. That’s Our Mayor. Can’t Blame Rod Ford For This One.

The real choice that will be made in a representative democracy is whether the voters have trust in the elected officials and the people they employ. The real issue, in both last year’s mayoralty race and in the upcoming vote on the waste-water initiative, is this: do you trust the people we currently have at City Hall to make important decisions for us?

In my case, the answer is ‘no.’ I don’t know what the original design or use was supposed to be for the City Square Plaza, but on a good day it’s a barren wasteland of concrete stone: in the winter I half-expect Snake Plissken to descend on a hang glider and crash into one of those Jedi lightsaber poles to rescue the President of the United States. The former chair of the Regina Public Library Board oversaw a needless $400,000 study on expanding the RPL Central Branch that was done on the assumption that the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan would be willing to sell the Masonic Hall and its parking lot – a cheaper way of finding the answer would be calling up the Grand Master, or Grand Pooh-Bah and asking him over coffee (and finding out there would be no way that would happen). That former chair served on the executive of Mayor Fougere’s election committee.

The Roughriders’ stadium deal with the province is a very bad one, which Regina taxpayers will find out over time. And considering he didn’t fight very hard with the federal government regarding Ottawa’s strings on the waste water project funding, it’s pretty obvious that Mayor Fougere didn’t fight very hard for leeway to determine what option was going to be the best one for Regina citizens.

So is Mayor Fougere actually paying attention when he’s going to work at his desk at city hall? Or is he just an automaton programmed long ago by some conservative programmer, would up and let loose on civilization with no idea his program was last edited in the 1990s?

Well, here’s evidence that Michael Fougere and his staff aren’t taking their jobs seriously.

Plans for Regina to celebrate something being called “European Heritage Week” are being cancelled after it was revealed a white supremacist group is behind the event.

Civic proclamations are generally granted as a way of recognizing or bringing attention to significant issues, historical occasions, or charitable events. The city confirms that at some point earlier this year it received a request to have a week in October proclaimed as “European Heritage Week.”

The request was made by the Nationalist Party Of Canada. What the Mayor didn’t realize, at least not until News Talk Radio informed him, is that the Nationalist Party is a white supremacy group.

“We were hoodwinked on that one,” Fougere admitted.

I don’t know what the protocol is for getting civic proclamations, but I don’t understand why someone at City Hall wouldn’t check out the group requesting the proclamation. It could have saved Mayor Fougere a lot of embarrassment. He wouldn’t want people to think that he was endorsing the ravings of white supremacists. Any time a group wants to talk about ‘Eurpoean Heritage,’ someone should have checked this out: the term is a frequent dog-whistle that means ‘white supremacy.

But the fact of the matter is that the people Fougere has hired at city hall didn’t do their homework. And they’re supposed to. Otherwise the city looks bad. And if Mayor Fougere and his cronies can’t handle the simple jobs at City Hall, God knows what’s going to happen with the more complex jobs …

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

11 thoughts on “Hoodwinked By White Supremacists. That’s Our Mayor. Can’t Blame Rod Ford For This One.”

  1. The ‘populist’ backlash against multiculturalism and the labour movement have dulled many peoples’ finer instincts.

  2. I agree the Fiacco-Fougere regime will go down in history for ruining a good thing and indebting us for the rest of the century or beyond. And their recent fixations with cynical political spin doctoring and outright deception are nothing short of evil.

    Yet I can’t get too upset about the proclamation mistake. Those things are meaningless and probably get rubber stamped all the time. Besides, Fougere is way too busy on his day job as construction association spokesman to waste time reading trivial junk like that.

    Luckily they caught it, although my impression of city hall competence is that they probably didn’t catch anything – another city likely figured it out first and Regina administrators accidentally got wind of it.

    Maybe it happened while they were googling for sneaky ways to disallow petitions, or searching for push-poll vendors that could help deceive the public into thinking that a profit-hungry water mega-corporation is somehow going to cost us less than regular non-profit water treatment.

  3. @reader – worse than that. News Talk Radio caught it. City staff didn’t even get wind of it from somewhere else, although I’m sure this group or similar has probably asked other municipalities and been rebuffed by more savvy administrations and politicians than ours.

  4. #3: Mayor Fougere didn’t know about the group behind the proclamation until CJME pointed out to him that it was a white supremacist organization. Live and on the air.


  5. Victoria BC (treehugger central) and Halifax also had this happen. And as for complex jobs I wouldn’t be surprised anyone at P.D. knows the right way to sit on a toilet seat. Wankers

  6. I have heard that Darlene Hincks has been contracted by the City of Regina to manage the “No” campaign. Truth or urban legend?

  7. I don’t know if Darlene Hincks is running the No (as in no information) Campaign. Probably the $350,000 propaganda fund is doing most of the driving, and the boss is probably just waterskiing behind that behemoth of a cash burning rocket.

  8. #8 Since humans, and bureaucracies, have the ability to learn from the mistakes of others, wouldn’t the fact that Victoria and Halifax had fallen for this white-supremacist propaganda make City Hall more suspicious of such proclamations?

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