Honouring The Treaties

BobRae2-239x300After a long political career which included stints as a federal NDP MP from 1978-81, the first NDP premier of Ontario from 1990-95, and as a federal Liberal MP from 2008-13, Bob Rae (pictured) moved into private practice as a lawyer at the Toronto law firm Olthius Kleer Townshend.

In that capacity, Rae works extensively with First Nations across Canada as a legal counsel, negotiator and arbitrator on various files involving resource development, sovereignty and relations with the federal and provincial governments. That’s consistent with his political career, where he often made First Nations issues an important focus of his work as a MP, premier and interim Liberal leader following the resignation of Michael Ignatieff after the 2011 federal election.

Thursday, Oct. 30 Rae will be in Regina to deliver a talk titled “Honouring the Treaties: What Does It Mean?” at the University of Regina. The talk will be held at Education Auditorium at 7 p.m., and more info can be obtained by calling 306-585-4226.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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