Home Is Where You’re Happy

brette edited imageMany moons ago, Brette Gabel worked as a barista at the downtown Roca Jacks location on 19 block Scarth. She did that while she was enrolled at the University of Regina, where she graduated with a major in Theatre Studies and minor in Visual Art.

From there, she moved to Toronto where she participated in the Toronto School of Art’s Independent Studio Program. She later studied at the Ontario College of Art & Design, and graduated from there with a MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies.

For this exhibition at the Dunlop’s Sherwood Village Gallery, Gabel returns to her Saskatchewan roots — specifically, to her childhood home in rural Saskatchewan. The house Gabel and her family lived in was an old-style “kit house”, so called because it literally arrived as a kit that pioneer families would order via the Eaton’s catalogue and then assemble.

Through 2D and 3D fabric works such as that pictured above, Gabel explores¬†notions of home, memory and the domestic realm. Home Is Where You’re Happy¬†is curated by the Dunlop’s Blair Fornwald. There’s an artist talk and reception at the Sherwood Village Gallery in north-west Regina on Saturday April 2 at 1 p.m., and the exhibition runs until June 1.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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