NPR’s got a stream of Home Life, a new record from former Titus Andronicus member Andrew Cedermark. I recommend taking a listen.

Neil Young’s a dead-on comparison point, in terms of layers of meandering, distorted guitars over everything. Toss in a bit of Hayden’s vocal style, and you’ve got Cedermark.

Stephen Thompson, who did a fine writeup for the NPR post, is in a similar mindset, dropping a Crazy Horse reference in his piece. As far as I’m concerned, I may just have Neil on the mind thanks to Terry Malts. The San Francisco act is putting out a new album later this year called Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere. It’s more fun with words than it is an homage to Neil: the track they’ve released, “I Was Not There”, is more fuzzed-out deadpan pop music from the band and far off from anything Young’s done.