HnetflixIt’s been a interesting week for Regina movie theatres. Galaxy Cinemas opened an UltraAVX theatre at the Normanview Galaxy. For those who are unfamiliar with Cineplex’s UltraAVX plan, they take the one of the larger theatres, reduce the seating capacity but add larger rocker seats that recline, add a giant wall to wall screen, an immersive surround sound system and crystal clear digital projection. Seats are assigned seating and prices are higher for the experience. I reviewed the Saskatoon UltraAVX a couple of years ago when they first got theirs. It’s taken awhile for Regina to get this but its pretty cool.

Even more interesting Rainbow Cinemas have announced that the Regina Rainbow location now features a Studio 7. I was just discussing with some people why Regina doesn’t have a Roxy cinema like Saskatoon does. I guess I wasn’t the only person thinking that something like the Roxy could do well in Regina.

From the press release:

Studio 7 will be permanently located within Rainbow Cinemas Regina, and will be dedicated to bringing Regina quality firstrun limited releases, including art, alternative, independent, and foreign films. This will greatly expand the film choices available in Regina.

“Since we have had great success with art and alternative product at our Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon, it has been our intention to open a screen exclusively for this same type of product in our Regina location for some time,” says Tom Hutchinson, President of Rainbow Cinemas Inc. “and now with the recent installation of digital cinema at this location, it has made this a reality.”

Rainbow Cinemas’ Studio 7 has already begun operating at the Rainbow Cinemas location in the Golden Mile Shopping Centre as of Friday, May 24th, 2013, launching with director Michael McGowan’s (‘One Week’, ‘Score! A Hockey Musical’) new feature film Still Mine, starring James Cromwell and Geneviève Bujold.

We are happy to announce that we have secured a fantastic lineup of movies through now to the end of June 2013, all of which will be premieres in the city of Regina; including…

The Sapphires – opening May 31st – an Australian musical
comedy starring Chris O’Dowd (‘Bridesmaids’, ‘The IT Crowd’)!

From Up On Poppy Hill – opening June 7th – a new animé film
from director Goro Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli!

The Company You Keep – opening June 14th – a new feature
from director Robert Redford!

The Sheepdogs Have At It – opening June 21st – the new feature
documentary featuring Saskatoon rock group The Sheepdogs!

To The Wonder – opening June 28th – a great new drama from
director Terrence Malick (‘The Thin Red Line’, ‘The Tree Of Life’)!
…plus many more to be announced from July 2013 and on!

Admission is $9.00 for Adults,
Children and Seniors $7.00.
“Discount Monday’s”, All Studio 7 seats $6 admission!

We believe that with this addition to our current programming, our 7-day per week Studio 7 presentation with state-of-the-art digital projection and sound, offers a window into the world of cinema that has previously not been available on a consistent basis in Regina.