This ad from Community Cable 9 in the Yukon captures all the excitement of Whitehorse’s city council meetings.

Damn, think of the ratings our city council would pull down  if Access was doing something like that here. I mean, our council meetings have actually been that fraught with drama this year. Some high octane promotion would have been totally appropriate for that July 22 meeting when the waste water P3 petition was discussed.

Incidentally, you can watch that meeting on the city’s website by clicking here. It’s pretty thrilling. (No, seriously, it is.) Perhaps there’s an enterprising individual out there who’d want to stitch together some clips into a trailer for that momentous bit of political theatre. If they did, I think I can guarantee there’s a free, local, bi-weekly newspaper that would host it on their very popular website.

(Hat tip to Planetizen and to the anonymous tipster who e-mailed me about this.)