Hey Access Television! Why Aren’t You Doing This For Our City Council?

This ad from Community Cable 9 in the Yukon captures all the excitement of Whitehorse’s city council meetings.

Damn, think of the ratings our city council would pull down  if Access was doing something like that here. I mean, our council meetings have actually been that fraught with drama this year. Some high octane promotion would have been totally appropriate for that July 22 meeting when the waste water P3 petition was discussed.

Incidentally, you can watch that meeting on the city’s website by clicking here. It’s pretty thrilling. (No, seriously, it is.) Perhaps there’s an enterprising individual out there who’d want to stitch together some clips into a trailer for that momentous bit of political theatre. If they did, I think I can guarantee there’s a free, local, bi-weekly newspaper that would host it on their very popular website.

(Hat tip to Planetizen and to the anonymous tipster who e-mailed me about this.)

Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

7 thoughts on “Hey Access Television! Why Aren’t You Doing This For Our City Council?”

  1. The city of regina still directs citizens to Access Communication when the city’s pricey council meeting service system fails.

  2. You may already be aware that Access aired the July 22nd city council meeting on Thursday, July 25 at 9 AM and Monday, July 29 at 5:30 pm.

    However, live broadcasts and regularly scheduled airing would certainly be an improvement.

  3. Right on Neil. I was FN mad when Access, did not present the July 22 meeting live.

    Thankfully Paul Dechene did a pretty fine play by play on twitter..

  4. They should probably focus on actually airing the meetings and getting a sound system in chambers that doesn’t sound like total ass.

  5. But Pat, we have a brand new, state-of-the-art council chamber. That you are raising an issue with the sound system sounding like total ass — whether it does or not — reveals that you are a hater. The council chamber is brand new and state-of-the art. Could we please focus on the positive?

    Next thing you know you’re going to be complaining about how you can’t selectively turn off or dim banks of lights in our brand new, state-of-the-art council chamber. Sure that would facilitate the showing of powerpoint presentations and pdfs of council agendas, but really, who uses powerpoint any more? Is it brand new or state-of-the-art? No. But our council chamber is.

  6. Access Communications typically does air all or a portion of the meetings, albeit using a vaseline-coated pinhole camera.

    But after many years of saying documenting meetings was just impossible (and being contradicted numerous other evolved cities) our city now spends a pretty penny on meeting software and staff that’s supposed to able to do this.

    The fact it’s failing is a problem in itself. But city hall staff’s casual no-care attitude about the fact it’s not working is also troubling.

    But hey, at least they have money and resources for blasting out misleading and unethical robocalls. Just yesterday we got called by the president of the construction association, Michael Fougere. He said our sewage bills would be going up over $200 per year unless we do what he says. It felt like a blackmail call, but I’m waiting for his other message explaining the other waste water option before I reach a judgement.

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