4 thoughts on “He’s Making A List, He’s Checking It Twice, He’s Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty And Nice …”

  1. The story refers to “record checks”… Non sequitur, much? A man can show up for work blotto and not have a prior criminal record, not that showing up to work drunk is a crime. (I understand the police presence is due to his sensitive proximity to children.)

  2. I was a mall Santa at Cornwall Centre and Southland Mall for a prairie dog feature back in 1999. Back then, the Santa program was administrated by the Big Brothers as a fundraiser and all the Santas were volunteer. I remember they were hard up enough for Santas that even a scrawny 22-yr-old wasn’t turned away and I got a number of calls for last minute fill-in shifts. I even took a few shifts after I’d filed my story.
    And yes, I had to submit to a criminal background check.

    It’s poor form for the mall to put the blame on their “third party contractor”, especially if it’s still a charity. It’s their promotion, after all. From the CP story, it sounds like it took a long time for anyone to intervene. That’s the real embarrassment.

  3. It’s one of those “how do I end this thing?” type of endings… Satiate the sensibilities of the 99.999% of the population who will never follow-up on this but want to hear someone’s going to get a slap for lack of accountability.

    Unfortunately, you can’t screen for future indiscretions. I like this part in the HuffPost story: “…they were able to get another Santa to suit up on Friday morning so children and parents were able to fulfil their Santa experience.”

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