Greg’s Pick Of The Day today is a big fat fucking tease. “I intended to finish off this post with a Boob-themed video but when I went to YouTube and searched “Boobs” I got 1.6 million hits,” he wordily writes. “By the time I plowed through them all to find out which one was best (like Steve typically does with his Friday afternoon pet videos) I was out of time. So sorry about that.”

It’s probably just as well because I’m not sure I trust Greg’s taste in boob videos. I DO, however, trust MY taste in boob videos. So to make up for Dog Blog’s cruel boob video deficit, here’s the UNRATED, BOOBY-FILLED, NOT SAFE FOR WORK video by musician Robin (son of Alan) Thicke that blew up the Internet last week. Is the video for “Blurred Lines” art? Is it playful and harmless? Is it creepy and sexist? Is it ruined because everyone’s fucking sick of men calling women “bitches”? I dunno. You guys (and girls) can unpack its sexism (or lack of) in the comments.

But Jesus Christ, naked ladies are pretty as hell. (It’s a catchy tune, too.)