Here Comes The National Infrastructure Summit

At ten this morning, Mayor Fiacco officially announced the National Infrastructure Summit which will be taking place in Regina, January 26 to 28 of 2011.

Here’s the mayor with more….

Find out even more at the summit’s website,

Author: Paul Dechene

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3 thoughts on “Here Comes The National Infrastructure Summit”

  1. Interesting that when he says they are going to find a solution to Canada’s infrastructure gap it shows an image of the Wascana Circle/Wascana Meadows intersection (found in a newer suburban subdivision in SE Regina).

    I’d wager that one of the many solutions to tightening that gap is to improve existing infrastructure while focusing on infill development (which uses existing infrastructure), instead of subsidizing development at the edge (and creating more infrastructure needing improvements down the line)… it would at least be a starting point.

  2. Pat Fiasco at an infastructure summit LMFAO…since his big push for economic growth this city has been neglected to the core.
    We now ride vintage 1970’s Busses that gas guzzle and pollute the sky because we ran the new ones to grownd.
    The Garbage in my lane is always over flowing.
    Sewage system is a joke …lol Guess thats why the new stadium would need a storage system for run off.
    My kids cant move out because the bright ones at city hall advertized all over the place how cheep housing is in Regina. This would have been fine but they had no back up plan. Yes…people ran in bought up Apartment blocks and split them into condos to make huge profits. Now that we have a shortage of low income places for people to stay, The spin doctors at city hall balmed the provincial government.
    Forget about about the advertized 15 min. drive too get anywhere in Regina , with all the extra traffic and construction all over … its is a joke. Any other major city in Canada does road work at night , but here once again the Spinn Dr’s at city hall say ..we have a noise bylaw , In reality the money that could go to have this done is going to Economic growth.
    I can see already the city has missed the boat on the Distrbution hub…1500 jobs, No Rental apartments and an over load of heavy trucks on our garbage streets ..along with the extra crime associated with jobs like these.
    In reality if you looked into where the budget has been spent in many years the infrastructure hasnt cahnged in many years,so you can say without a doubt Mayor Fiasco couldnt give to hoots about the average joe …just as long as hes getting his kick backs from economic growth.
    Stop listening to the the city’s propaganda and start looking around people!

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