Herb &The Humans, Switches, The Florals, The Lad Mags

The Lad Mags
The Lad Mags

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend that isn’t brunch or a craft fair, please consider Rock And Roll.

I’ve got just the thing for ya: two rad bands from our fair city, The Florals and Herb & The Humans, playing with another couple of rad bands from Edmonton, Switches (Romantic Soul’d Out Punk Rock n’ Roll) and The Lad Mags (Bizarro Garage-Soul Transmissions). Best of all, the Edmonton groups have lots of ladies playing in ’em.

So yeah, the show is tomorrow the 8th at The German Club (1727 St. John St.). $5 will get you in before 9pm and $10 after. Turn it up!


Author: Amber Goodwyn

Amber Goodwyn is a Montrealer freshly moved to the prairies where she's found a home in journalism at Prairie Dog Magazine. A jack-of-all-trades, she hopes to master some (hell, any) of the following before she expires: writing, music making, filmmaking, DJing, Werewolves.