Hello, F*ck Off, Yadda Yadda, I’ll Pass It On, Sincerely, Brad Wall (Support The Troops!)

Here is the response going out to people who have written to the Saskatchewan government in support of saving SCN. The letters from Brad Wall are identical — unlike the many, many individual reasons the letter-writers (a.k.a. citizens) may have for wanting to save SCN.

Not only does the letter not address any of the concerns raised in his original letter, one recipient asks, “Since when is it appropriate to begin a letter with “Hello”?” ¬†Good point. Given the letters aren’t personalized, the government is obviously not even bothering to take down the addresses of the senders — hell, they’re not even signed. I guess pretending to give a shit also got cut from the budget.

The “support our troops” ribbon is a lovely touch too.

Source: Facebook

Author: Carle Steel

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3 thoughts on “Hello, F*ck Off, Yadda Yadda, I’ll Pass It On, Sincerely, Brad Wall (Support The Troops!)”

  1. Wow. I wrote in to complain about a Jesus message he published on the gov’t website over the holidays (because I don’t think public “servants” should be talking up Jesus on public dime in a public message). I got pretty much the exact same response. I thought it was a joke from a cranky staffer, especially the signature.

    Sorry you got burned too, by a message that was probably written in the last 5 minutes of the staff meeting they held to finalize the decision to cut funding to the SCN. So what do you do now?

  2. Good ole’ BradLee (as I call him) is my MP. This is his standard letter, pretty much for any occasion or issue. He is what we in Saskatoon/Humboldt call our “absentee MP” – having never laid eyes on the guy, even during elections. Since he got elected purely by Rural Voters, perhaps he hangs out at grain elevators? Oh No. They tore those down. I guess it must be legion halls. And fundamentalist churches, where he feels right at home.

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